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Helping a child beat the odds

A young child of two was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His parents took him to doctor after doctor, only to hear the same terrifying prognosis repeated each time: “It’s too late. There is no cure.”

The Referrals team at Regional Bikur Cholim did not accept that answer! Through our relationships with some of the most prestigious hospitals and physicians, RBC was able to find a specialist who could devise a successful course of treatment for the sick child.

Regional Bikur Cholim took full responsibility for getting the child’s family through the two grueling years of treatment that followed. A group of dedicated volunteers attended to all of the household’s needs, and freshly prepared meals were delivered to the family’s door every day.

Today, the child who was once given up on is perfectly healthy. His family, previously at risk of suffering a shocking trauma, is happy and prosperous!

A Home Rebuilt

A prestigious and highly successful real estate investor made a misstep that caused his business to fail, and ended up with no better option than working for minimum wage. Lacking the strength to accept this reversal of fate, not to mention the sudden drop in his standard of living, he fell into a severe depression that threatened his health and wreaked havoc on his family life.

Regional Bikur Cholim was informed about the situation and went to work after finding the right phys followed the 35-year-old man to his appointments every other week to ensure that progress was being made. Finally, after months of therapy and care, he took charge of his life again, to the joy of his family and friends. He emerged from the experience a new man, and his life at home was rebuilt.

A life renewed through comfort and care

A lonely Holocaust survivor called the RBC headquarters feeling frightened, explaining that she had no close relatives, housekeeping help, or had witnessed during the war. She felt that all she had left in life was to mourn her past and agonize about her future.

RBC could not let that kind of situation persist. A social worker was assigned right away to evaluate her case and arrange all of the services she needed. RBC hired a nurse to accompany her at all times, and started delivering fresh, homemade meals to her home on a daily basis. To complete its mission, RBC found a licensed psychologist to visit her home weekly and help relieve her longstanding pain.

“I wouldn’t have survived without RBC,” the woman told her social worker during one of her interviews.


A father of three had a serious addiction. His own life was devastated, and his wife wasn’t willing to sacrifice her own and her kids’ well-being. When violence broke out at home, RBC became aware of his case. RBC funded a specialist to treat his addiction, and of course stayed in touch with him throughout his treatment. In a typical ending for RBC stories, he and his family lived happily ever after!

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